Monday, November 8, 2021



  • Do hear about (xxxxxx) Certification?
  • Yes, it is easy to get
  • I visited their website, and got confused with lots of materials and contents
  • You can go to the certification domain, and explore the process
  • I tried, but could not understand what to do
  • It is easy, to get the study materials
  • How?
  • Just register and download the PDF
  • I will MEMORIZE it all; in no time
  • Be aware; it is two levels; general and advanced
  • Means two exams?
  • Yes; however, you can get certified in two months
  • Please; help me to get into the process
  • Sure…
That is how certifications are downgraded for just memorization and job-hunting tool

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Project Control

Basically addressing the construction management and implementation of principles and techniques of project management. The context is most probably inapplicable to other fields to apply project management, such as financial operations, software development or healthcare services.

Among the main three pillars of project management; Time Control and Management is the most critical; whereas all others are collaborated in some way or another. Within Schedule; scope is developed, verified and changes, bringing time variations to the time baseline. Similarly, Cost are also embedded; as any unplanned variations of cost of materials or labor shall be create problematic situations for all parties; which in many cases would lead to slow progress or freeze.

Many project management software and applications compete to create comprehensive and easy-to-do Controls. The dominate culture would advise to collaborate the control techniques on the key three domains. It is an opportunity; yet a trap. This is one of the main reasons why software doesn’t have the driving force it should have on projects success. On the contrary; it might be a key cause for the project failure. The created confusion to balance deliberations against baselines and risks is overwhelming and destressing.

The Schedule Control should include the following processing:

  • Commencement is a rational discretion of the Contractor
  • Baseline breakdown into administered deliverables
  • Tracking the auditable (signed off) deliverables
  • Report on compliance to baselines
  • Compliance means closing out

The most efforts are on tracking the deliverables; which consumed more time as per the amounts of design flaws, comments, redo, changes and drafting errors. Experience tells that these efforts will dramatically increase by nature of contract between EPC and D&B. The number of peer reviewing layers will duplicate the work, such as in D&B contracts whereas the following layers will be there to audit and certify the design documents:

  • Urban Authority’s Engineer
  • Urban Utilities’ Engineers
  • Developer or Employer’s Engineer
  • Contractor’s Engineer
  • Supplier or Subcontractor’s Engineer

Usually, the Controls will be administered by the Design Managers as per the planned dates for submittals. It is standard that design stages shall be: Concept, Schematic, Detailed and IFC (Issued for Construction). Imagining communications and exchanged documents will be surprising; with the new communication digital media and applications. In a personal experience; a compound of 300 townhouse documents will generate during the design development more than 4000 documents throughout the design stages; with approximately 50,000 drawing sheets and document pages. Check Aconex.

Project Managers will create various templates and forms to records and track the deliverables throughout the project cycle. The templates will reflect the professional culture for data capturing and reporting. Not necessarily to interpret the data into graphics, unless found hard to comprehend by the audiences. However, Every PM will administer the template as per discretion, as how it will properly convey the data to the Employer. The key glimpse is about how comprehensive such template will unconditionally include and answer all questions and queries.


Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Delhi, India, contains approximately 16 million residents. The neighborhoods of Santosh Park and Uttam Nagar, both pictured here, are home to some of the city’s poorest people and contain its most built-up and densely populated land. Numerous studies have shown a correlation between the wealth of a residential area and its total number of trees and the amount of green space. This Overview is a particularly striking example of that trend.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Street Furniture


Somewhere; within our disturbed world; between ambitions and cultural taboos.. Street Furniture are considered "Facilitation of Prostitutions".. This freak notion comes from some disqualified City Managers; who happened to control the soul of the City and its Residents.. You may examine lots of silly ideas and implementations as such..; which in total hinder our urbanism..

Unfortunately, those ill-fated Managers forget that Street Furniture is a Right-to-City..!!

The socially unbeatable and oldest profession of the history; can not  be eradicate or diminish; yet it grows by many innovative ways with sprawl of cities and urbanism.. Many sturdies had worked on this issues, with no successful roadmap to get rid off.. 

Many City Managers had come to a conclusion to live with.. Just provide controls and permits to allow minimal disturbances to the conservative public.. and avoid or minimize the negative impacts on public entertainment, health and reputation.. However; the privacy of prostitution business drives the sex workers to use side and back streets rather than the main motorways..

The neueve concept of "Complete Street"; which had got support from Mobility, Greenish and Covid, had introduced interesting ideas of street furniture.. The brilliance of those ideas had saved the City Managers the cost of fights for the adequacy of street wellbeing.. Street Furniture are mostly commercialized by adjacent business owners; who would simply eradicate the prostitution from those streets by F&B prices and charges; in exchange of wider number of  "innocent" customers..

Monday, October 18, 2021

The Tracker..


Tracking activities, issues and actions is the core performance of project management. It is simply targeted to be on top of the project; knowing what happened and what is required; with full comprehension of impacts on baselines.

Project Managers would create or share various formats of the tracking templates, using paper of computer aided software to achieve this targets. There is no fixed or magic formula to be used; but the physical and the simple means for data entry and retrieving. 

The Tracker should follow the principles of document control; which are: 

    (A) Definitions, 

    (B) Domains, 

    (C) Activities and 

    (D) Risk Exposure. 

Understanding the magnitude of data entry and processing would justify assigning an executive for this processing. Both Quality and Project Management are all about processing data; while interpreting the reliable data is the success or failure stories.

Presentation of the data interpretation is the careful stakeholders management. Having a (1) Reliable Data, an (2) Intelligent Analysis and a (3) Communication Plan will not label the project successful without a (4) Stakeholders Protocol; and shall be a waste of time. Against every action; someone should be defined to approve or reject.

The followings are the simple structure of the tracker; or the tracking sheet. You may include unlimited data types and resources:

A: Identifications

  1. Project ID
  2. Date
  3. Parties

B: Domains

  1. Task ID (Packages, Workflow, NOC, etc.)
  2. Planned Submission
  3. Actual Submission
  4. Planned Approval
  5. Actual Approval
  6. Approval Expiry

C: Activities

  1. Ownership
  2. Status on Date
  3. Pending Actions
  4. Planned Action
  5. Expected Date
  6. Forecasted Approval/Close

D: Risk Exposure

  1. Impact
  2. Mitigations
  3. Authorization to Mitigate
  4. Date of Mitigation Approval
Managers; particularly the tech-savvy, will compete in ways of interpreting the data, by static or dynamic graphics and models. This is not meant to disillusion the audiences, but to add sense of comprehension to it. It is an advanced applications of the well used Scheduling Graphics; such as Bar Charts..

Data Visualization become the new fashion; with growing Big Data and AI applications..

Friday, October 15, 2021

Leadership and Development

 Change requires not much effort.. but much attention and focus.. Applying effective leadership with organizational psychology is not difficult.. but most of our political and business leaders focus on their own-selves..

They speak much yet cordially care a little; despite how their audiences become charged and energetic..

الشعراء يتبعهم الغاوون

Therefore, we can't truly and effectively move ahead..!!

Monday, October 11, 2021

Contractual Liabilities

It is all who will pay for the damage??

Life Example
In one of the luxurious office buildings, a few years ago, a marble slab, a meter by two, fell from a height of 30 meters. Unfortunately, a CEO of an international bank was passing under it, yet; fortunately it fell after passing by only ten meters .. He was not injured, and exceeded the request compensation for endangering his life.. who is responsible..?

  • Was the Design and Supervision Consultant; who designed the building and installation details 15 years ago??
  • Or the Construction Contractor; who delivered the building 12 years ago??
  • Or the Facilities Management Contractor; who has been managing the building facilities for 3 years??
  • Or the Landlord; who himself takes over the management of the building??

مقارنة المسؤولیات التعاقدية بين كل من الإستشاري والمالك والمقاول
(تحرير: أحمد سالم بشير)

بادئ ذي بدء ، لابد من التنويه إلى أن كافة التعاقدات والعقود تخضع عُرفاً لما يتفق عليه الأطراف المتعاقدون ، ما لم يخالف الأنظمة والقوانين المحلية المعمول بها.

غالب المسؤوليات التعاقدية يتم التعامل معها من خلال وثائق التأمين التي تغطي كافة الاحتمالات وتعوّض المتضررين بالقيمة المالية التي يتم الاتفاق عليها .. وهي حتماً ترتبط بالصياغة القانونية للوثائق..

Friday, September 24, 2021

Practical Quiz -2


Your represent a Client's Organization that hosts the progress meetings..

Often; Representative of the Service Provider arrives late to the booked time..

Several notifications were verbally made to honor the venue..

At this occurrence, You and Your Team decided to take an action..

When the Representative of the Service Provider arrives; late as usual; You and Your Team stand up and lift the meeting room; with no eye or talk contact..

  1. Was your action professionally acceptable?
  2. Does such action has contractual consequences?
  3. Why formal actions were not taken before?
  4. Does such action has any leadership sentiments?
  5. Will you repeat the same?

Practical Quiz -1


You are in a time-stressed task..

Received comments from the Client..

Discovered that these comments are controversial and mostly wrong..

You called the Client on the phone..

He verbally accepted your arguments and approved the taken actions..

What is your next action and why?

  1. Notify the Project Sponsor;
  2. Ask e Client to formally approve the actions taken;
  3. Discuss and record in incident the progress meeting;
  4. Formally issue your confirmation on Client’s approval; or
  5. Notify Cost & Schedule Managers to adjust documents..