Monday, May 31, 2021

Real Estate Cycle

The Real Estate is one of the most vibrant and sensitive among economic industries.. It incubate many details and trade with most industries, yet represents a true Gauge of the economic environment.

Real Estate is the oldest fashion in Mankind history, where owning properties is an expression of wealth and attributed authority and mightiness. Both Authority and Business phenomenon were established on Assets and Properties; which had also synchronized the transformation of Humane civilization from Farm-based into City-based. 

Built-Properties would evolve through fluctuating peaks of appreciation and depreciation of value. This Time-based syndrome had initiated and controlled the behavior of trade and markets, and still do. It represents dreams and realities of the Human-being as an attributes of his life cycle. Therefore, the Real Estate Cycle would replica the Humane one.

Despite the fact that Real Estate is a financial practice, yet it feeds, inspires and affects many industries and trades by it complex and comprehensive supply chain. More than 35% of GDP in any society are linked to Real Estate in a way or another. In addition, the direct human resources in construction industry would exceed 15%.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

IMS Auditor



Agrodor South Sudan

This initiative was an implementation of the ours comprehensive combined agriculture development model, which is based on central stations called Agrodor. These stations will develop the urban cluster among the most nomad and farmer population. Aiming to reduce the migration from Rural to Urban areas, incubate all requirements for decent living and supplies. 

Friday, May 28, 2021

PMO Success or Failure

Since the launch of the Project Management Office (PMO) concept, it had been in continuous struggle with skeptic or challenging concepts. This was was lately concluded in Service Management Office (SMP) and Product Management Office (PMO); in addition to confusion with both Program and Portfolio Management Offices; which share the same Abbreviations.

Certainly; the key dilemma is about the role definition rather than the deliverable one. Adding to it the must-statistical tools to be used; which are not practically common among professional. This had made the outcomes of the PMO are likely inviable or usable for the management to take transformational or critical decision. In many organization, PMOs did not survive for more than couple of years and either replaced or removed.

It is rational to only qualify professionals with extended years of exposure and experience to manage the PMO. The proper functions requires not only project management practice, but understanding and knowing how to adapt the organizational strategy and commercial feasibility to assess the projects performance. A successful project is not necessary adding value to the organization in this rapidly changing business environment.

منذ إطلاق مفهوم مكتب إدارة المشاريع ، كان في صراع مستمر مع المفاهيم المتشككة أو المنافسة. تم الانتهاء من ذلك مؤخرًا في مكتب إدارة الخدمات ومكتب إدارة المنتجات ؛ بالإضافة إلى الارتباك مع كل من مكاتب إدارة البرامج والمحافظ ؛ التي تشترك في نفس الاختصارات

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Dubai: A Metropolitan

The organized and developed metropolises have budgets
of the order of at least 1,000 USD / Capita;
Pedro B, Ortiz

 Just a Reticular Proposal..!

This is a master planning vision for the baseline to turn Dubai into a metropolitan.. It is about land use, not projects.. However, the circles show locations of the already concentrated activities.. Metropolitanism is about the economic value and opportunities in synchronization to Zoning, ROWs and Spaces; with their dependences.. I assume the planners of Dubai 2040 had done something alike as a baseline.. Yet amazingly, most Arab cities ignore the same ..!

As per Prof. Pedro B. Ortiz, the municipal budget for a metropolitan is based on population and share of the national budget..
In Dubai of 3.331 mln cap, it is a City-State, which most of the GDP (US$102.67 billion) is invested within..
The Municipal Authorities of Dubai has a combined share from its GDP (US$ 48 billion 2020) which is far than the golden formula
( As a City-State; 0.40 x GDP/Cap x Pop)

Understanding that Dubai Emirate is a developing country, whereas lots has to be spent on both hard and soft infrastructures and various facilities; which would justify the 100 folds of the expenditure..
The Measures of Governance would credit and support the same by confirmed results of urban happiness and satisfaction

Regretfully; many projects were canceled or had reduced scope.. This was corresponding to the economic and business environments.. Yet; I believe that initiating many projects was inadequate, without the serious systematic quality procedures.. WBS, Risk, Procurement and Communications were mostly banners not actions.. It is bad how many resources were disposed in vain, and how many opportunities were lost..

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Montreal's Medium-Density Multiplex Neighbourhoods

Housing in Montreal is different from other parts of Canada. Specifically, the city of Montreal features plexes of various sizes that create dense and livable neigbourhoods and that make walking, biking and using public transit the easy choice. Apart from creating lively neighbourhoods, this style of housing also means renting an apartment is more affordable to the average person. Finally, Montreal housing is architecturally interesting and unique, offering features like spiral staircases and balconies.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

How Bridges Were Built in 14th-Century

Karlův most - Stavba pilíře a klenebního pole ve 14. století 

Incredible Animation Shows How Bridges Were Built in 14th-Century Prague

An animated video shows the building of Prague’s Charles Bridge in the 14th century: 45 years of construction in 3 minutes.


Thursday, May 20, 2021

How Singapore Solved Housing

There is no Social Stigma of Public Housing among Singaporeans

FutureBuilt 2016 - Self Made City

Kristien Ring, Architect, Professor at the University of South Florida, Principal of AA PROJECTS, Berlin

Explaining mindset, challenges and achievements when the people take over the process to build their housing, including the subdivision, rights and accessibilities within an Ad-hoc master planning

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Makkah 2013


Naïve questions from an urban enthusiastic..!!

1.       Although how exhausted and stressed the Agency of Makkah Metropolis; why there is no an urban story-telling of The Holly City?

2.       It is obviously notable the absence of urban grading; why commerciality, favoritism and profitability rule the urban planning?

3.       There is no shortage of funds, why there is no soft landscape, trees and grass in the open public spaces and courts around The Holy Mosque?

4.       Referring to the ugly architectural beasts; why skyline is viciously provoked by high-rise trend; despite both religious and emotional contents advise humiliation, shyness and simplicity?

5.       Instead of flatting or removing mountains, why they are not used for low rise buildings and boutiques; which can be more profitable, yet less logistically stressful?

6.       For the 30-50 thousand new visitors per day, and double staying daily; where are the reachable public toilets to balance the incredible number of Zamzam taps?

7.       They already sunk some roads; avoiding complexity of LRT; why they can’t provide ring tram-routes around The Holy Mosque?

8.       There is a silent army of managers, engineers, technicians and labors behind the scene; yet, why some areas are ill-equipped, poorly fitted and architecturally downgraded?

9.       With the growing number of folding-seat-searches, what is the reference that Muslims should seat on the floors, apart from performing Salaat?

Affordable Housing


Designed by Minoru Yamasaki, Pruitt and Igoe consisted of the thirty-three buildings pictured. Dramatic images of its demolition made newspapers across the country.

I cordially believe that Affordable Housing is a pure architectural challenge, not engineering nor financial.. 
It is the dilemma that architectural designers often offer the world; either by ill-envisioned perspectives, or surfing high ones, unrelated to realities on the ground..
Civic and municipal bureaucracies are often short of intelligent and accredited capacities to guide or to procure the appropriate housing concepts that would last among our sights for 50-200 years.. Affecting our perception of beauty, coherence and rationales for generations..
In several countries, I had seen affordable housing schemes, which are dump, bad and dangerous.. Also, had enjoyed the scene of excellent examples that were an added urban value to their inhabitants..
أنا أؤمن بشدة أن الإسكان الميسور يمثل تحديًا معماريًا خالصًا ، وليس هندسيًا ولا ماليًا 
إنها المشكلة التي كثيرًا ما يقدمها المصممون المعماريون للعالم ؛ إما من خلال وجهات النظر غير عملية ، أو تطبيق وجهات نظر أكاديمية ، لا علاقة لها بالواقع على الأرض
غالبًا ما تفتقر البيروقراطيات المدنية والبلدية إلى القدرات الذكية لتوجيه أو دعم مفاهيم الإسكان المناسبة ، والتي ستستمر بين أنظارنا 50-200 سنة .. مما يؤثر على إدراكنا للجمال والقيمة والأسباب المنطقية
في عدة دول ، توجد مخططات إسكان ميسور التكلفة ، وهي عبارة عن مكبات وسيئة وخطيرة .. كماتوجد أمثلة ممتازة ذات قيمة حضرية مضافة لسكانها

Islam on Urban Public Spaces

This below article was a 2013 response to a discussion on Religion (Islam) in Urban Public Spaces; launched on Linked-in by Nadia Qureshi; Architect, Urban Planner and Urban Designer, Pakistan

I would like your comments on the said topic. You can look at it from any point of view. To guide the discussion, i have raised a few questions.

Do religious beliefs and practices change the way that public spaces are designed and used in Muslim countries?

How is the meaning of a public space interpreted in Religious countries?

Can public spaces remain inclusive (i.e. include people from other religions, male female, etc) and lively?

Does urbanization effect the construction of (sacred) places or religious practices in a city within a religious country?

How can urbanization and the design of good public spaces be used as a tool to fight extremism in religious countries?

  • أنا أحب تعليقاتك على الموضوع المذكور. ولتوجيه المناقشة ، أطرح بعض الأسئلة
  • هل تغير المعتقدات والممارسات الدينية الطريقة التي يتم بها تصميم واستخدام الأماكن العامة في البلدان الإسلامية؟
  • كيف يتم تفسير معنى الفضاء العام في الدول الدينية؟
  • هل يمكن أن تظل الأماكن العامة شاملة (أي تشمل أشخاصًا من ديانات أخرى ، ذكور ، إلخ) وحيوية؟
  • هل يؤثر التحضر على بناء الأماكن (المقدسة) أو الممارسات الدينية في مدينة داخل بلد ديني؟
  • كيف يمكن استخدام التحضر وتصميم الأماكن العامة الجيدة كأداة لمحاربة التطرف في الدول الدينية؟

The Capital Region


This is a creation of Capital Region.. despite the failed Megapolis..

Unfortunately, Egyptian Planners did not adhere to the decentralization concepts, which had made many nations, wealthier, healthier and mightier.. Adding 30% to existing urban land is not a solution.. Threats of Eastern-Invasion are not valid anymore..! However, threats of urban poverty are more likely and further destructive..

Egyptian "Urban Lobbyists" had created a distinct culture, which many middle-eastern nations had copied, and further excel.. Property is a market known for secrecy, which enables monetary greed to grow.. Urbanity is synonymous for the Excellence of Living.. Urban poverty is not measured by building quality, but by Tenants Quality, which is not only the GDP share, but scores at MGDs.. Egypt sharply slumps, despite the generous donations and loans.. despite the fantasy homes on the desert..!!

Most officials of Egyptian urban developments are known for their corrupt processing, which had wasted tens of billions during the last 50 years.. Many tycoons had merged from ordinary businesses, construction related or otherwise..

On parallel, Egyptian civic bodies are "discretionally" short of empowerment to stand guarding the codes of practice and standards.. They had evolved their professional roles into politics and transformed into ladders for public offices.. Academics have no feet on the Egyptian development arena, unless needed for cosmetics and decorations.. It is a noisy question about scientific seriousness, integrity and efficiency..!

Land Pooling


The brilliant design for ancient water viaduct in Cairo by Mu'ez Abu Zaid

Land Pooling is an urban planning tool to collect, re-design and re-distribute plots and commercial benefits among owner of unplanned parcels; which are usually old districts, slums and outskirts of the city.

We face such situation in attempts to upgrade urban settlements and provide modern urban infrastructure and utilities. it was much practiced in Europe and Asia. Lately started to rule in Africa. Many Arab cities had the limited experience, due to tribal and customarily issues.

Latest Cairo project to revive the 700 years historical 5km Al-O'yoon aqueduct and surrounding (90 acres and US$ 400 mln) is an example. No clear figures on affected inhabitants, compensations, investment plans or urban impact are available.

Land Pooling should be associated with transparent and audited plans and data on purpose, legal rights, urban solutions, investment and implications on existing inhabitants (landlords) and business. Apparently, the authoritarian tools are usually used to enforce the urban development; which are questioned despite the practical justifications..

Urban Excellence


It Only Costs Integrated Brilliance..

Degrees Compliment to Natural Brilliance, but not Justifications..

Urban Excellence brings, Land management, City Management, Architecture, Economy, Demographics and Entertainment in One Operational Basket..

A Brilliant Architect will do nothing-worth-living without a Brilliant Zoning Manager..

Therefore, subdividing the communities into counties and districts allow to concentrate on innovation, incubate excellence and elevate livelihood..

How many Towns and Neighborhoods are ruined by Selfish mindset and Immature Professionals.. Mostly in the confused 3rd world..

Monday, May 17, 2021

Zoning Mgmt Flow


The actual dilemma is not the rapid and massive urbanization of the world, but typical mindset to make cities larger and wealthier.. 
Only Japan, Scandinavia and North America have successfully transformed both functionality and likeliness of towns to be successful urban centers..

That was the great 1950th Suburban Transformation..

Correction and Remodeling inevitably starts with Zoning Management

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Top 10 Most Interesting and Unique Transit Systems in the World

Simplifying a Political Complexity

This article about the crisis in Darfur, and other marginalized territories in Sudan, including the currently partitioned South Sudan..
Ironically; I had the same views that current Sudanese Federal Authority has.. 

I call it Development for Peace..
They call it Investment for Peace..

I do not know how they had reached at their conclusion, but the above is mine..

However, I had came at my analysis through simple PEST examination; with focus on human resources and assets.. Authority, BOH and Outsourced.. All are the Only Stakeholders; not the Politician as how other analysis would suggest..

Further below is two essays on the Darfur Conflict


Separation or Unity? 
A Model for Solving Ethnic Conflicts

It is hard to outline a consistent and rational model for solving ethnic conflicts. We argue that ethnic separation should be regarded as an alternative to national unity, and not simply dismissed as impossible. A decision on separation or unity should be made democratically by the group whose separation has been proposed. If separation is approved, migration over the border between the newly formed states should be part of such a solution. 

The article has three main parts: 
(1) a model for solving separationist demands; 
(2) an analysis of the evolutionary background to ethnic conflicts; and 
(3) a discussion of principal objections to the proposed model. 

The present international impotence in situations of ethnic conflict is to a high degree caused by seeing most solutions as impossible--either realistically or morally. This article stresses the virtue of having one model instead of the "flexibility" that currently prevails under the disguise of generally acclaimed, but contradictory ideals.

Conflict in Darfur

A separate conflict that remained unresolved centred on the Darfur region in western Sudan. The conflict began in 2003 when rebels launched an insurrection to protest what they contended was the Sudanese government’s disregard for the western region and its non-Arab population. In response, the government equipped and supported Arab militias—which came to be known as Janjaweed (also Jingaweit or Janjawid)—to fight against the rebels in Darfur. The militias, however, also terrorized the civilians in the region and prevented international aid organizations from delivering much-needed food and medical supplies. Despite a 2004 cease-fire and the presence of African Union (AU) troops that followed, by 2007 the conflict and resulting humanitarian crisis had left hundreds of thousands of people dead and more than two million displaced, internally as well as externally, as they were forced to flee from the fighting. On July 31, 2007, the United Nations Security Council authorized a joint UN-AU peacekeeping mission (UNAMID) to replace the AU mission, although UNAMID troop deployment did not begin until 2008.

Sunday, May 9, 2021



Concurrent; Car-Oriented-Districts are fueled by unwilling Gov; who are manipulated by Big Tax-Payer Industrial Corporates.. Therefore, it will take more than science-based campaigns in a polarized world by politics, media and complex interests..

In Europe, they had the legacies from their historical settlements; where accessibility was driven by walkability or carts.. It was easy to revive that sustainable culture.. Nevertheless, the building techniques were properly engineered; and eventually survival and sustainable..

Ours, are greatly controversial..

Thanks Fouad for the continuous highlight

Fouad Al_Asiri - Urban Planner:

Example 1
Luxury but not sustainable
Car-dependent & not walkable
Capital & operating cost is high
Single land use & low density
Detached villas

Example 2
Affordable & sustainable
Very walkable
Organic & economic self-sufficiency
Mixed-land use & medium density
Courtyard system & mid-rise

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Corporate Transformation

Lots of banners about Transformation, in all industries and aspects.. Many professional would be shy to express their short understanding of the term, and the associated vision, plans and applications..

Kindly be advised that Governance is always the backbone of all corporate and project activities.. Without Governance, there will be no Quality of Audit.. Processing will randomly flow and evolve to situations which no Manager or Board will accept or been able to manage..!!

The true purpose of Transformation is responding to Envision, Technology, Efficiency of work to be done.. It is a natural process, which Mankind had used to do since dawn of history; yet Academia and Media had given it new name..!!

Therefore, Transformation is dynamic term that will continue to be used till a new term is created at sometime in the future.. Anyways, it will always include the latest management visions, theories and implementations till the date.. 

Just Envision and Imagine the below tips..!

Monday, May 3, 2021

Stone Dressing Techniques

Reconstruction of Ancient Arcades at Amr Mosque, Cairo-Egypt

Memmar (Architect) Sinan was one of the brilliant Turkish architects in the medieval times.. who had applied engineering innovations and artistic touches to the old practice of Stone Dressing.. He had used the ancient Greek stone building crafts; with experiences from Roma, Syria and Egypt to produce monuments that could stand against time and environmental deterioration.. 
I had the privilege to work with Stone Builders in Egypt and understood the various techniques of Stone Dressing; which are the principles of Stone Building.. Unfortunately, theses crafts are diminishing by time, and few skills are persistent now-a-days.. Regretfully, there is no Arabic records of these crafts, nor any form of protection or revival

As the World Stoods - Mimar Sinan (Part 1)

Architect Sinan's memory and soul are being kept alive under the shadow of Erciyes.
The most beautiful texture of the stone comes from master hands.
The scene that impressed me most in the documentary series is the master who finally completed the minaret's cones.
Nowadays, iron pile minarets have increased. Respect to our masters.

Celebrate houses and watch this documentary generation as a family. Long live Sinan and its structures as the world stops


The documentary "As the World Stands", prepared for the 1988 International Year of Architect Sinan and reflects the life and works of the great architect, consists of six episodes of half an hour each. 

Arabic, Persian, Ottoman Turkish experts, architects, art historians and social anthropologists took part in the Mimar Sinan Research Center established within MTV for this documentary. In addition to Mimar Sinan's life and building activities, more than ten thousand information slips were compiled at the research center, which examined the rulers of the Ottoman Empire at that time, comparing political, social, economic and cultural events with Europe and Asia.

For the documentary "As the World Stoods", which was completed in one and a half years, 40,000 km of travel was filmed in more than thirty provinces within the borders of Turkey. In addition, filming took place in Greece, Hungary, Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union and Syria.

"As the World Stops" won the "Jury Special Award" at the 1989 Lausanne Architectural Film Competition, the "Architecture Award" at the 1990 UNESCO International Art Film Competition, and the "Council of Europe Special Award" at the 1990 Bordeaux City Planning and Architectural Film Competition. what was deemed worthy.

Director:  Suha Arın
Director of Photography:  İlhan Arakon
Camera:  Turhan Yavuz
Editing:  Cahit Seymen
Music:  Turgay Erdener
Narrator:  Süreyya Arın, Sacit Onan (TR), Ian Shears (EN), Alain Laurenceau (FR)
Duration:  180 min. (6 episodes of 30 minutes each)
Format:  35 mm Color Film
Production Year:  1988 

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Democracy in Urban Planning


If the designs have short envision, inadequate analysis, or inappropriate solutions; the decision makers will stamp the future generations with constraints, challenges and bottlenecks that are hard to resolve or reverse..

Therefore, "Public Hearing and Discussions" are critical for all urban planning or architectural proposals.. This is not only engaging the citizens who are the True Owners of the Cities, but also seeding the democratic practice and avoid any unskillful offerings..

Nevertheless, professional presentations are recommended to be graphically neutral without use of tools to influence the audience; but this is unavoidable in both urban planning and architecture..!

إذا كانت للتصاميم تصور قصير أو تحليل غير كاف أو حلول غير مناسبة ؛ سيكبل صناع القرار الأجيال القادمة بالقيود والتحديات والاختناقات التي قد يصعب حلها أو عكسها

لذلك ، فإن "جلسات الاستماع والمناقشات العامة" ضرورية لجميع مقترحات التخطيط الحضري أو الهندسة المعمارية .. وهذا لا يقتصر على إشراك المواطنين الذين هم الملاك الحقيقيون للمدن ، ولكن أيضًا يُبذر الممارسة الديمقراطية ويتجنب أي عروض غير ماهرة

ومع ذلك ، يوصَى بأن تكون العروض التقديمية الاحترافية محايدة من ناحية الرسومات دون استخدام الأدوات للتأثير على الجمهور ؛ لكن هذا لا مفر منه في كل من التخطيط العمراني والعمارة