Saturday, February 27, 2021

2010 RE Blueprinting: Dubai Case


Adil's R3 Methodology

This is NOT for IT or Software projects.. It had been inspired by Engineering Construction projects, yet would work for Operations, Logistics, etc.

Since I had made Project Management my profession; I felt deeply that there are ways to make the methodology more simple, easy and friendly.. Convenient to all sizes, purposes and industries.. 

I belong to that generation who used to get scared processing the PMP exam.. I remember how my training administrator was excited awaiting for me outside the exam room..

During the last 20 years; I had sailed through all implementations, applications and critics of all project management methodologies and disciplines.. It became a daily habit to go through essays, posts and sample questions - Thanks to the internet - where I keep refreshing my intellectual resources and understanding..

This is my simple contribution to the industry; which focuses on roles of the Project Manager rather than the Project Management itself.. It can be applied by both certified or not-certified individuals, who aim to make sense of handling and manage any endeavors.. Equally, it can work for the Management of Logistics, Operations or Products.. or any endeavor whereas People, Processing and Results are comprehensively performed..

RECORD if the first domain; containing the Baselines; which are approved and funded by the Client and the Sponsor.. These Baselines (What, Where, When, Who, and How much) are NOT changeable, unless approved again by the Client (based on his Why analysis).. The Baselines can be endless as convenient to the Client or the Project.. The more details, the less technical and contractual conflicts.. In other words; it is the Planning Stage.. and the 1st Exit of the endeavor; if proven not feasible for the "Why" context..

Processing Flow


The Typical Legal Documents


Procurement Framework


RE Delivery Framework


RE Market Cycle


Real Estate Value Chain

The is the principle Value Chain for the Built Environment.

This illustration includes all Tasks, Activities and Deliverables to change a Brown plot into a fully-functioning Urban one, with Occupiers who would create a Community, small or big.

Not only the engaged mechanisms are represented, but also the epistemic subdivision of knowledge zones and stakeholders.

Certainly, all are functioning within the wider quality and governance frameworks, including the typical cycles of planning, assessment and improvement.

هذه هي سلسلة القيمة الأساسية للبيئة المبنية

يتضمن هذا الرسم التوضيحي جميع المهام والأنشطة والمنتجات لتغيير قطعة أرض بنية إلى مخطط حضري يعمل بكامل طاقته ، مع السكان الذين سيخلقون مجتمعًا ، صغيراً كان ًأو كبيرا

لا يتم تمثيل الآليات المشاركة فحسب ، بل أيضًا التقسيم المعرفي الفرعي لمناطق المعرفة وأصحاب المصلحة

بالتأكيد ، تعمل جميعها ضمن الأطر الأوسع للجودة والحوكمة ، بما في ذلك الدورات النموذجية للتخطيط والتقييم والتحسين

Theory of Authority


Structuring a Fund


The Urban Development


Sudan Roadmap 2021

One of the main endeavors of any Muslim is to create prosperity on earth.. This is the 3rd Commandments that Islam had set for his followers.. 

As a Sudanese and a Muslim, for many decades, I had spared no efforts to work on how my country should turn prosperous; and how my people would evolve satisfactory and happy.. 

Neither these two tasks were easy or peaceful; but series of Epistemic Investigations, Intellectual Analysis and bitter taste of the skeptical, parasites and ill-mannered.. Yet, it had developed my own resilience and strength to keep my focus and ignore the inappropriate voices; furious, emotional or insane..

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Real Estate


BUA is about Cost....!


How to WBS??


Project Web

I call it; the "Brain Virtual Configuration" of the Project Manager...
It interprets the intellectual responses and processing within his/her mind; during the daily activities, and even during the sleep...

Project manager is doomed to fail if her/his soul is not groomed with her/his assignment, team and deliverables..

For a minute, you may imagine this illustration against the typical one of a Human Brain.. or the IOT model.. 
You would feel the similarity and context..

The overlapping is the key characteristic of the brain; whereas various senses and responses would interact to generate both activities and reactions with proper mindfulness..

Macro Urban Planning


Micro Urban Planning


On Shore, Off Shore


Are an Urban Planner..?


What is GFA??

It is most familiar expression among urbanists and realtors.. which interprets "Gross Floor Area".. Yet, there are many interpretations for it; which confuses the reader, or the learner too..

Simply; GFA is the provided built space that would be used by Humans for their long-hours livelihood; Sleeping, Meeting or Relaxing.. apart from where to Store, Cook or Defect.. 😆😆😆

Calculation would vary as per convenience and rationales of the ruling authority; to include or Not; the controversial spaces; e.g., Terraces, Balconies, Kitchens, etc... 

But for ME, it is where Human would Sleep, Seat or Stay.. (3Ss)

Of course; No-One would stay for long in a bathroom, a Toilet or a kitchen...!!

Therefore; where poverty rules, people forget about Kitchens, Bathrooms or Toilets.. They can use Common (as in Early and Communist housing) or Open Fields (as in poor villages worldwide)

The main value of GFA is Calculating the Permitted Number of the  Inhabitants in any Built Environment.. Which will be interpreted in; 

  • How much required Utilities to be provided, 
  • How much trips they generate to commute to work, 
  • How much Schools, Hospitals, Bakeries or Cemeteries they need,
  • How many Urban Managers, Policemen and other Civic Workers are required to take care of them.. and create the welfare..
  • How many political votes will be in the Elections..
  • and so on....

Regretfully; Most Urban Planner misunderstand the GFA..!!

Realtors business success depends on how little the difference between GFA and BUA (Built up Area).. Meaning that almost what they built is what they lease..

Regulators functional success is ambiguous; where they want to Tax as much as possible of GFA with claims on BUA definition and critical-functionality..

Tenants deal success interprets the less GFA they pay for, while the larger BUA they are permitted to freely use..

The GFA formula fuels the Realty game..!!

Friday, February 19, 2021

Do You Have The Business Skills?


For a Successful Start up


US Gov System


Controlling Risk


Procurement Cycle


Stress Therapy


Challenges of IOT


The Block Chain


Business Roadmap

I adore the universal active and respected Rania AlMashaat.. She had engraved her name on the new pyramid; which Egypt is building to breakthrough decades of disarray, disappointment and notable ill-performance..

Her previous experience at the World Bank Group had already empowered her with the capacity to see through, take bold decision and been ahead of her competitors and colleagues..

Her 4 Cs are very realistic and extracted from real life, not from the dusty or imaginary shelf.. 

Starting from the real ground, confronting challenges, the person will find these Cs very important and critical tools to politically succeed.. Then, business-wise achieve..

Simply: Prequalification


Simply: Prince-2


How Ready for a PPP?


PPP Legal Model


PPP Integrated Model


PPP Development


PPP Creation


PPP Concession


PPP Competences




Negative vs Positive


Portfolio Management


Project Management Plan


PMO Framework