Friday, June 4, 2021

Car Challenges


Dead time in traffic jams is calculated in low-income countries at $ 4 / Hour, and in high-income countries at $ 16 / Hour;
Metropolises in developed countries spend between 30 and 40 minutes accessing work;
In Madrid the trips to work are 22 km. It takes 25 minutes;
Mumbai: 2.30 am. If that time were reduced to 1.00 hour, Mumbai GDP would rise by 25%. It is the damage that a bad administrative management produces on the citizens;
Pedro B. Ortiz

To reduce the challenge; Make it uneasy or convenient to drive a car during weekdays; including, but not limited too; 

  • Availability of parking, 
  • Availability of many lanes, 
  • Providing double direction roads, 
  • CBD's locations of large commercial developments, 
  • Unreachable public transport, 
  • Appealing status of public transport, 
  • Harshly carbon tax, 
  • Harshly urban tax on vehicles, 
  • etc.. Just imagine..!

TODs can't serve the 15 minutes-walk (800m); which will not be satisfactory.. or increase the light informal modes e.g., Tok-Tok, Boda-Boda, Motosi, Gojek, Grab; which became an urban-transmitted-disease across developing and poor countries.. Certainly; we have a problem..!

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